Wolseley WD8

Wolseley WD8
Purchased from a local farm auction in winter 2011 needing nothing much more than a general tidy up and mounting on a trolley.
After a quick going over with the steam cleaner it looked better already.
The strip down
The engine was stripped down and found to only really need a decoke, valve grind and a new set of points in the magneto. A peice of rag was found in the valve chest trapped behind the valves. Presumably left behind by a careless operator in years gone by. 
The Rebuild
Once everything was degreased, Each individual part was given 3 coats of Boiled Linseed Oil to protect the original paintwork and patina.
After a couple of weeks drying the rebuild could begin.


Once it was put back together and mounted in its new trolley it was time for the first start up. It started on the second turn of the flywheel.