1917 7hp Blackstone Oil Engine



1917 Blackstone oil engine 





Our 7HP Blackstone oil engine as it arrived home, Currently our largest stationary engine. Purchased from a fellow stationary engine collector in Norfolk in August 2018, A suitable trolley is currently under construction to hopefully get it out on show before the end of 2019.


A video of its first run in many years can be found below.

The Blackstone oil engine's first run in many years and its first run in our ownership, not long after getting it home.

April 23 2019

Blackstone oil engine trolley build coming along nicely, She's going to be a hefty lump..

September 4 2019

Blackstone oil engine trolley now finally almost finished after eventually making my mind up which wheels to use, I think the "almost" finished result looks good.  

September 21 2019

Despite not being quite finished, minus an exhaust system and fuel tank, The engine managed to make it to the Grand Henham steam rally 2019.

An old 2 gallon fuel tank was set up as a temporary fuel tank, the exhaust just left to blow on the floor and although a little noisy, after a few issues were dealt with on Saturday, mainly just dirt in the carb jet, it ran well for most of the weekend. 

The engine was a great crowd puller with lots of public stopping to ask questions, no doubt having something to do with the loud. A great first outing. 

See below for a video of the engine running.

Blackstone 7HP oil engine running on its first outing at the Grand Henham steam rally 2019