Maybe you have inherited a collection or even a property with contents and you're not sure what to do with it? or you have decided to sell you're items to fund a new car, or you're next project?. Whether its a single item or a whole collection spanning many decades or generations, We are always on the lookout for items. 
  • Stationary Engines / Machinery
  • Horticultural Machinery
  • Vintage tractors / Farm Machinery
  • Rural Bygones
  • Vintage Road Making Equipment
  • Antique industrial
  • Engineering Equipment and Tools
  • Vintage Advertising
  • Pre-1990 Motorcycles
  • Live Steam Models
  • Model Railways
  • Vintage toys
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Distance really is no object, Nationwide collection and cash paid on anything we buy.
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Stationary engines

Lister, Petter, Wolseley, Blackstone, Ruston Hornsby, Amanco, Stuart Turner, Hartop, Gardner, Bradford, Fairbanks Morse, National, The list goes on and on.
From the humble Lister D type to the large open crank diesels weighing tons and everything inbetween, If Its an an engine for driving machinery, Or any kind of driven machinery, we will no doubt be interested here at Rusty Relics, Regardless of condition.
Take a look at our stationary engine collection HERE.
Stationary Engines WANTED Rusty Relics Climax horizontal open crank stationary engine water pump
Stationary Engines WANTED Rusty Relics Stuart Turner marine engine
Stationary Engines WANTED Rusty Relics Bradford Saunders 1A diesel BOUGHT FOR CASH
Rusty Relics Ruston Hornsby BPR open crank stationary engine
Ruston Hornsby 6AP low tension
1917 7HP Blackstone Oil engine as found in Norfolk
Lister J type petrol stationary engine
Petter 1 1_2hp Acorn top petrol stationa
Horticultural Machinary
Clearing an allotment of old outdated equipment?, or maybe a collection of vintage lawn mowers and garden tractors from the good old days of garden machinery.
From the humble Wolseley Merry Tiller to the mighty Howard Gem. Rotovators,Vintage horticultural tractors and ride on mowers. Anything to do with the lighter side of bygone farming.
Allen & Simmonds Auto Culto Model L 2.JP
Rusty Relics Howard garden tractor rotovator vintage horticultural machinery
Rusty Relics Gutbrod garden tractor vintage horticultural machinery
Rusty Relics Qualcast garden cylinder lawn mower vintage horticultural machinery
Rusty Relics vintage Marklin vertical live steam engine
Bing, Carrette, Doll, Marklin, Wilesco, ect steam toys
Stuart turner, model engineer built, ect miniature steam models including railway loco's, traction engines and static models. 
Basicly anything driven by steam power.
Rusty Relics vintage Mamod live steam TEA1 traction engine
Rusty Relics vintage Wilesco live steam showmans traction engine
Rusty Relics vintage live steam wagon lorry engine
Rusty Relics vintage live steam  locomotive train engine