1946 Allen & Simmonds Auto Culto Model GX

1946 Allen & Simmonds Auto Culto Model GX horticultural 2 wheel tractor.


Purchased from a local collector January 2019 whom had purchased it from the vintage auction at Carrington steam rally 20 years previously.

After getting it home it was put into storage, Untouched for the next 20 years.

As can be seen in the photo, Along with the usual tool bar, there is also the rare Albion scythe attachment.

This one will be receiving an oily rag restoration shortly and will hopefully make its show debut later this year.

April 7th 2019

Going back together now after a full strip down and rebuild complete with new condenser fitted for a nice hot spark.

First fire up on the bench after rebuild, Finally awakend from its 30+ year sleep..

April 14th 2019

Nearly there

April 22 2019

Tractor restoration now complete, Sitting in the sun awaiting the implements to be finished.


A video can be found below of the Allen Simmonds Auto Culto Model GX first proper run upon completion