We've all done it, come out from the supermarket and thought 'now where the heck did i park the car?'. however we usually find the car and go home but oh no, not this guy.. he parked his car in a wood behind his parents house and forgot about it, For 40 years!!!!

After the 1967 Ford Anglia broke down, owner Pekka Nummelin parked it up in the woods behind his parents house in 1974

Mr Nummelin then moved away from the area, leaving the car behind and had all but forgotten about it untill now.

40 years later, a conversation with his son Tommi about cars led to the pair traveling back to the house where they found the car, with all its paint, lights and glass, other than that broken during the tow home still intact.

The car, in seafoam green, was bought by Mr Nummelin when he was 20 and used to help him get his first job

The cooling channels had frozen on the car after a radiator problem meaning the engine wouldn't start and Mr Nummelin had to be towed by his brother. However, this problem had cracked the engine block meaning it was beyond repair.

The car was then dumped in the woods behind the family home and left there. even when the family moved years later.

The father and son drove 20 miles from their home to the old house where, unbelievably, they found the car in the exact same spot!!!.

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