Rusty Relics recent discoveries August 2019

Its been a quiet one this month here at Rusty Relics. Just a distinct lack of items cropping up, maybe the holidays are to blame?. Even so there were still a few things to be had.

Our local auction house came up trumps with a selection of die-cast models, Including some very hard to find 1/16 scale tractors.

Nothing much then until Honiton Hill steam rally which wasn't too exciting either really, A cooling tank for the Blackstone (thought to be Petter), A 50v dynamo to make another lighting set, A wolseley WD2 and a petrol/TVO Villiers mk25.

Think you may have something we would be interested in?, Maybe you've just inherited a collection and are unsure what to do with it. Visit our Wanted page to see the vast array of items we would be interested in. Cant see what it is you've got?, Get in touch anyway, if its not for us here at Rusty Relics we will be sure to know which direction to send you in.

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