Rusty Relics recent discoveries June 2019

1920's Barford Perkins A type road roller on the trailer for the ride home to Rusty Relics HQ ..

A little look at what we've stumbled across this month here at Rusty Relics. Its been a busy month with some rich pickings to be had.

Whilst setting up at St Albans Steam and Country show 2019 we managed to sniff out few things. 3 cast iron implement seats, a Pierce, a Nicholson and a third from Walter A Wood. All originals and not reproductions.

A few of the usual Mamod steam models were also picked up whilst there.

A Phone call seeking advice from Guy and Sally of Lichfield, Staffordshire resulted in 2 weeks picking in an un-touched hunting ground of what was a collection of 5 generations on the family property, Formally a blacksmiths.

All manor of things were found as you can see below and a real eye opener for the owners themselves finding out the history of what lay on the property.

One of the star finds from Lichfield, A 1920's Barford Perkins A2/A3 road roller. After replacing an Aveling Porter steam roller in the 1920s for Staffordshire County Council, the roller was retired in the 1940's. The original driver then bought it for scrap, driving it a few miles down the road from Lichfield to Wall cricket club, where he continued to drive the roller, taking care of the wicket until the club folded in the 1990's. Upon closure of the club it was once again roaded home, to Lichfield, and pushed in the shed until we uncovered it this month. a fantastic find with all its history.

See the video below showing the Barford Perkins road roller being pulled out of its resting place into the daylight for the first time in 30+ years.

Another great find from Lichfield, the original set of three Eli Griffiths lamps from the Aveling Porter steam roller that the Barford Perkins replaced. My guess is they were taken home at the end of the rollers service and hung in the shed as a keepsake until we found them this month.

After being spoilt in Staffordshire we had one more call before the end of the month. A small selection of vintage toys in Boston, Lincolnshire. Some Hornby model railways, A selection of die-cast including Britains, Dinky and corgi models. With just a few Mamod live steam models thrown in for good measure.

Think you may have something we would be interested in?, Maybe you've just inherited a collection and are unsure what to do with it. Visit our Wanted page to see the vast array of items we would be interested in. Cant see what it is you've got?, Get in touch anyway, if its not for us here at Rusty Relics we will be sure to know which direction to send you in.

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