Rusty Relics recent discoveries September 2019

After a disappointing month last month, Most likely due to the holidays more than anything else, September got off to a cracking start.

Although we couldn't attend due to being at the Hunton Steam Gathering, Pughs sale was also online, allowing us to purchase this cracking, un-molested 6hp Ruston Hornsby AP, Although seized its in totally original, untouched condition, something that's difficult to find now that most engines have already been through the hands of numerous collectors.

Being an early low tension makes it all the more desirable.

This one is going into the collection, Keep updated on it here.

That was all for September although keep watching, we've got big plans for October.

Think you may have something we would be interested in?, Maybe you've just inherited a collection and are unsure what to do with it. Visit our Wanted page to see the vast array of items we would be interested in. Cant see what it is you've got?, Get in touch anyway, if its not for us here at Rusty Relics we will be sure to know which direction to send you in. 

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