Rusty Relics recent discoveries July 2019

A little look at what we've stumbled across this month here at Rusty Relics. After what seemed like a slow start to the month compared to June things soon picked up towards the end.

Whilst at the Hollowell Steam and Heavy Horse show 2019 we managed to find a few things at the auction although certainly nothing much of quality, more just a case of something to fill the van up. An old 125cc Vespa, A vintage Trusty Tractor tool bar, Some large 6 spoke cast iron wheels for our Blackstone hot bulb engine and some old stationary engine manuals as well as a few other small items.

Whilst there a customer brought in a little homemade marine engine that we were also able to buy.

A couple of days back home we managed to pick up a small selection of Mamod steam engines in our own village of Pinchbeck. After being neglected for many years they will be cleaned up, back in steam and on sale by the time you read this.

July always means one thing for Rusty Relics, Cheffins vintage sale. To say the offerings were a bit poor is somewhat of an understatement but a few things still managed to follow us home.

After Cheffins and picking up a couple of little items from Welland steam rally we had one more call before the end of the month.

Three Petter M types

Think you may have something we would be interested in?, Maybe you've just inherited a collection and are unsure what to do with it. Visit our Wanted page to see the vast array of items we would be interested in. Cant see what it is you've got?, Get in touch anyway, if its not for us here at Rusty Relics we will be sure to know which direction to send you in.

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