A trip out to Norfolk for stationary engine open day

6hp Amanco Six Mule Team stationary engine

A liitle look at some of the Stationary engines seen at an open day in Norfolk on 6th January, Some nice large engines not often seen on the rally field

1913 8hp International Famous engine

1913 8hp Blackstone oil engine

1917 7hp Tangye hot bulb model BR stationary engine

1917 8hp Ingeco open crank stationary engine

1917 Amanco 6hp Six Mule Team petrol paraffin stationary engine

1922 8hp Allan hot bulb stationary engine

1926 Ruston Hornsby 15hp IP stationary engine

Blackstone cold start paraffin stationary engine

Campbell stationary gas engine

Ruston Hornsby diesel generating set

A selection of some of the other stationary engines that could be seen

And finally, a video of the few engines we managed to catch running whilst there

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