Rusty Relics Recent Discoveries November 2019

With nothing really worth a mention being found last month, November couldn't have been any more different.

For a change we started of local, just up the road in fact. Where we aquired 3 Lister d types (including a scarce Spec 20), A few spares, A large pair of cast iron wheels and a completely knackered threshing elevator, Which although totally rotten, will provide a nice set of cast iron wheels and yet another Lister D type.

A drive over to Hinkley gave us this Bamford Z2 diesel stationary engine, After flushing the fuel system and bleeding with fresh fuel it was running before it was even out of the van.

This can be found for sale by clicking HERE

Just by pure chance, we stumbled upon an advert from a chap looking to sell some of his late fathers belongings, A quick decision to jump in the van and fly down to Bristol proved a worthwhile idea and came home with this lovely pair of part built 1 1/2" scale Allchin Royal Chester Traction engines, Both with un-steamed, professionally built copper boilers.

You can find both of these listed for sale in our shop by click HERE

A large collection of Corgi diecast Vintage Glory models. Although we'd normally save these for next years show season, the majority are already online and in the shop now. Click HERE for more.

Just in time for the end of November an online auction came up trumps with these four scratchbuilt steam engines.

You can find these and many more for sale in our shop by clicking HERE

If you think you may have something we would be interested in, Maybe you've just inherited a collection and are unsure what to do with it or you've decided to give up collecting. Visit our Wanted page to see the vast array of items we would be interested in. Cant see what it is you've got?, Get in touch anyway, if its not for us here at Rusty Relics we will be sure to know which direction to send you in.

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