Water cooled JAP engine

New arrival to the Rusty Relics stationary engine collection

JAP LWY/W/3411 water cooled 4 stroke engine

Although at first glance it looks like other JAP water cooled engines it is infact very different to the type SC as fitted to the Dennis high pressure fire pumps. The cylinder on an SC has a removable head where as this obviously does not. Also all other jap engines of this style including those fitted to morgan three wheelers and motorcycles have a total loss lubrication system.

I am almost certain it was originally intended to be a stationary engine because of the fact it has a govornor fitted and also the flat base/wet sump arrangement.

The serial /model number is LWY/W/3411

Anyone have any ideas as to its original purpose ?. Maybe you have one asleep in your shed.?

Even just a catalogue picture/print would be a huge help as atleast then i could work out the magneto and govornor arangement

No information is known on this engine, if you can shed any light on the mystery please get in touch.

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