Fordson N powered Automower winch unit

1943 Fordson N powered Automower winch unit

This 1943 Automower winch unit utilises a Fordson N tractor for its power unit. The tractor was built in August 1943 and the winch built by The Auto-Mower Engineering Company Limited in December 1943.

They were built for the Admiralty for hauling ships and landing craft up slipways, they could handle up to 600 tons displacement.

They were petrol powered when first built but this has been converted to TVO by fitting a 52 vaporiser.

This machine was used at Brooke Marine Works on the north side of Lake Lothing, Lowestoft. In the second World War Brooke Marine build boats for the Royal Navy including MTB boats.

In 1953 Brooke Marine moved to a new site in Lowestoft and this winch went to Clevelands yard in Crompton road, Lowestoft. Here it sat at the top of the slipway bolted to a 6ft deep block of concrete buried in the ground.

The winch unit laid in the yard, unused until 2016 when it was recovered for restoration.

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